About the Garden City Electronic Music Society

The Garden City Electronic Music Society (GCEMS) has been active in the Victoria, British Columbia region since October of 2015, and formally incorporated as a BC non-profit Society on February 7th, 2017.

The purpose of GCEMS is the advancement of electronic music, related media arts, and the technologies used within these artforms.

The mission of GCEMS is to explore creativity and innovation at the intersections of art and technology. 


GCEMS seeks to engage and inspire the wider public with the possibilities electronic music has to offer in the areas of live performance and environmental design, while deepening critical discourse around these artforms in our efforts to develop new artistic and technological directions.

GCEMS Constitution

The name of the Society is Garden City Electronic Music Society.

The primary purpose for which the Society exists is the advancement of electronic music, related media arts, and the technologies used within these art forms.

Electronic music is broadly defined as any genre of music that pursues artistic innovation through the use of electronic instruments and other sound processing technologies.

Related media arts may include any medium engaged with electronic music in an inter-arts context, with greater emphasis on media that directly interact with or via electronic music technologies.

Technologies are defined as any tool used in the production, recording and performance of electronic music and related media arts, including hardware, software and other accessories.

The purposes of the Society are:
1.     to represent, promote and advocate for all genres of electronic music.
2.     to support, promote and encourage live electronic music performance.
3.     to support, promote and assist the development of electronic music artists.
4.     to support, promote and assist media artists who work with electronic music artists in an inter-arts context.
5.     to support, promote and assist the experimental development of new technologies used in electronic music and related media arts.
6.     to produce, support and partner in events that raise the profile of electronic music and its artists.
7.     to provide outreach opportunities for the public to learn about electronic music and engage with electronic music technologies and artists.
8.     to provide opportunities for electronic music artists, media artists, academic researchers and technology developers to learn from one another and interact as a community.
9.     to promote and provide opportunities to connect local artists with regional, national, and international networks.
10.  to engage artists, stakeholders and the public through exploring inter-arts opporlunities, including the use of unconventional venues and other spaces for performances and media installations.
11.  to promote Victoria and the Capital Regional District as a hub of artistic and technological innovation, both locally and internationally.

GCEMS Board of Directors

President:  David Bodrug, MPA. 

David has been involved in electronic music since the early 1990s in several capacities from events to music production to journalism, serving the communities of London, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.  Within the Victoria, BC community, David is best known for his work with the Neptune Soundbar (venue underneath Swan’s Hotel) around the turn of the millenium.  Under David’s direction, Neptune featured a 28,000 W soundsytem and 3,000 W monitor system that included dedicated bass.  This system raised the bar of production standards within Victoria’s electronic music venues and ensured the satisfaction of the many international artists who played there:  from DJ Heather to Ricardo Villalobos.  Neptune Soundbar also provided artist-in-residence experiences to notable local and regional artists such as Cobblestone Jazz and Adham Shaikh.

Taking time off to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees, David’s academic journey came full circle with his capstone project for the University of Victoria Master of Public Administration degree.  After consulting with the City of Victoria about a series of outdoor park-based ambient events in 2015, David undertook peer-reviewed research with the City of Victoria’s Arts, Culture & Events liaison serving as a project client.  After a case study of Montreal’s Mutek Society, and conducting interviews with regional and provincial stakeholders, the capstone project provided GCEMS with governance recommendations and direction for strategic planning.  The parks-based ambient series has since materialized as GCEMS’ Wonderment Series, taking place in Victoria-area public parks on the summer long weekends each year.  David is also the central lead on GCEMS’ Sonic Jazz showcase.

Vice President:  William Shulba, BSc.

William has been active in the Edmonton and Victoria music scenes for several years, most notably as the lead on Victoria’s NeuzFest, which rebranded as NeuzTec in 2017.  This annual festival has helped develop the local community of experimental electronic artists working in the fields of Noise, Drone, and Sound Design – while linking the Victoria community with guest artists from all over BC – from Salmo to Salt Spring.  As a professional Geo-Scientist, Wil also has a passion for technology and community education, which manifests in his technical production skills and as a lead for GCEMS workshops and other public engagement intiatives.

Treasurer:  Andy Bernhart, MBA.

Andy has been involved with event planning since the 1990s, when he was also employed by Plus 8 Records in London, Ontario.  Presently, Andy is the Vice-President of Marketing for First.Dentist, and assists GCEMS financial reporting and planning with his MBA background.  Andy is the GCEMS lead for web development and online marketing.

Secretary:  Jro Schuurman

Jro is the Gallery Directory at Fifty Fifty Arts Collective and Assistant Manager and Talent Buyer for the Copper Owl.  Jro is also an accomplished electronic musician who has toured nationally, notably under the moniker Psychic Pollution.  Jro is the GCEMS lead for the MIDI SYNC series of improvisational electronic music performances.

Director-At-Large:  Kirk McNally, M.Sc.

Kirk is an Assistant Professor of Music Technology at the University of Victoria’s School of Music with extensive experience as an audio specialist and recording engineer.  Kirk is also active in GCEMS educational initiatives and our liaison to the academic and research communities.

Director-At-Large:  Lorne Hammond, PhD.

Lorne is a Curator of History at the Royal BC Museum and has been an electronic music enthusiast and synthesizer collector since the 1970s.  Lorne’s historical and archival expertise with a lived experience of important developments in music technology brings critical insight into the cultural continuum that GCEMS seeks to contribute towards.


PO Box 8811, Victoria, BC V8W 3S3